Project type:
  • Interactive installation design
  • March 2012 (SPECS - UPF)
In collaboration with:
  • Eliza - Nefeli Tsaoussis
  • Sytse Wierenga
  • Anna Moura
For the the commemoration event for the 60 years of the Bergen - Belsen consentration camp , different groups across the SPECS lab were asked to propose an interactive installation that would be part of the exhibition which took place from 28/10/2012 until 30/1/2013.
Our proposal with Eliza-Nefeli Tsaoussis, was the introduction of an installation along the corridor which leads to the main consentration camp area. The main idea was the notion of a timeline, leading from the museum (now) to the consentration camp of 1945. Using images and videos across the years of the existance of the monument, a soundscape of ambient music and recordings of the survivors (also by the use of directional speakers), we wanted to create a multimodal experience that would introduce the visitors to the time of the end of the second world war. A timeline that would lead them to the past...
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