Project type:
  • Educational interactive game design
  • February 2011 (CSIM MSc)
Used technologies:
  • Blender
In collaboration with:
  • Kostas Rongas

Moving Platforms

This is an interactive open air installation prototype where children will face the three abstract notions of gravity, equilibrium and locomotion via an engaging and collaborative game play. This design was part of the Education Games and Entertainment course of the CSIM Master program.
The game
A set of 8 moving platforms indicating a route to 3 big slides. Platforms are unstable and sensitive enough to move according to the weight distribution on them. Children in teams step onto the platform and try to reach the equilibrium that will indicate a successful attachment with the next platform.
The interface
Independent, hydraulic moving platforms (embedded weight sensors). A software that continuously manipulates the variables of weight and time of completion and accordingly customizes the game's difficulty level (sensitivity, vibration). Each platform has rubber barriers, providing safety. LEDs indicate the correct orientation of the platform. Audio feedback is provided according to the performance.
A team of six (6) to ten (10) children are continuously moving around each platform in order to achieve the suitable position of it. Time limit for each platform will be 2 minutes. Each platform's door to the next platform opens when the expected equilibrium is achieved. In the final platform, there are three doors which lead to the slides. Depending on team's score (time of completion), the according door opens. A position of a platform will be characterized as suitable when one of its edges is attached to the edge of the next platform. Then the platform stops moving (locks), the LED next to the passage turns green, the door opens and children can continue to the next.
The game is designed based on the design principles of collaboration, participation, naturalness, short learning curve, non invasive, safety, meaningful play, open air activity, high throughput, circulation, intuitive play, socialization and improvisation.

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