Project type:
  • Interactive music installation
  • June - September 2011
    (Disseny Hub,Barcelona -
    Interactive Installations Exhibition)
Used technologies:
  • Arduino
  • Pure Data
  • Sawing
In collaboration with:
  • Giovanni Maffei
  • Nadav Melnic
  • Diogo Pata

Hot Potato

As a part of the "I/O/I. The senses of machines (Interaction Laboratory)" exhibition of Disseny Hub in Barcelona, our group had to come up with a prototype of an "interactive sensing installation". We decided to create a game that was intuitive and simple, combining the play with music.

The game is simple. Each player wears one of the seven gloves which is connected to the main game box. There is also a silver ball. Each player passes around the ball and in each touch, a sound sample is produced by the speakers. The box also has a single button that switches the samples. The initial idea was to assign each glove with a note (A-F). In the final version a total of 7 sample sets was added up to the game.

The design
Each glove has two metallic sensors sewed on the surface. When the metallic surface of the ball is on the glove, the circuit is closed. The wooden box has a button to circle through the set of sample patches. Inside the wooden box an Arduino board manages the connections from the gloves to the computer. Each time the circuit is closed, a Pure Data patch activates the according sample.
The game was designed this way so to be intuitive. No instructions are needed beforehand and the game of passing around a ball is worldwide common. In that way, a simple, community bonding activity gets enhanced.
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